Thursday, April 12, 2018

High Five Zone

Create your High Five Zone to celebrate your successes - big or small.  

Once a upon a time, in a far away land where the summers are hot and the winters are freezing, in a small country side village, where the hearts are strong the skin is thick and frost is always on the windshield of your car.  You can always find people of Minnesota laughing, playing and have FUN in the winter wonderland.  Maybe that is what keeps us young.  

In our childhood play is the key ingredient for growing up, for a sense of humor, to understand others, to be able to stay at a task for hours on end.  Maybe that is the reason why the Midwest work ethic is worldwide known as the work ethic to emulate.  Play and being able to laugh at yourself or with others is the essence of being able to have a solid team.  Whether your team is your family team, your work team or your sports team.    

There are many components of teaming which have been researched to death.  Everyone seams to be the expert on teaming, with great theories and explanations on how, why, do this, do that, but when it comes right down to the nuts and bolts of teaming, teaming is trust, trust comes from honesty, honesty comes from your soul. Within your soul is the key element…Play! Play equals FUN.  With out fun you have boredom.  From boredom all kinds of negative behavior develop, which in turns destroys any resemblance of a team.    

The High Five Zone, idea which is the key element in our trainings, was inspired by the thousands of people that participated in one of our many Teaming, Esteem vs. Out of Esteem, Diversity, Leadership, and Interpersonal Relationship Trainings.   Play ….Have Fun…. Learn  as you embark on our High Five Blogging journey.  

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