Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Things We Have Learned On The First Day On The Road

We are in Kansas to give a post deployment transition training to military kids here.    We go on the road all the time but have a home base in MN.  This time our home base is our travel trailer and I miss these little monkeys - even though I go a long time without seeing them when I am home.  I realized I can't just drive over to see them when we are working on the road. 

When we do a transition training it is all about how our personality and communication style affects how we view things.   My styles are all about connecting with people, family, hugs, and talking to everyone all the time.   I think I drive Bruce nuts with that sometimes - but he and I have decided to respect each others communication styles instead of fight against them.   The first thing I learned is how strong that is in me :)

Second thing I learned - plan your trip.   My last quadrant of my personality is the organizational quadrant.  So I am going to have to have a time management plan that sets up the next leg of the trip before we leave this leg.  Next stop for us is a training in Texas.

I am lucky that Bruce has created a Time Management system that I will follow.  It matches my personality spectrum to a T - so it works for me.    No stress being someone I am not yet getting organized to make our trip fun and easy.    And it makes us Resilient !!!!

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Experiencing the Adventure !!! 

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