Wednesday, March 28, 2018

People to People & SMILE

It is amazing to me the stories of the people we are meeting as we are on the road with our travel trailer.   Each and everyone has a story to tell.  Everybody has a circus - everybody has monkeys.

When you take the time to stop and listen they are heartfelt, humbling, funny, helpful, and sometimes inspire tears. 

Kansas was our last stop.  We gave a deployment training to kids there. Adventure based and always building self esteem - we listen to their stories and watch them learn the power of bonding with other military kids.   As we help them learn how they communicate and utilize those tools to understand their parents, teachers, coaches, pastors - they quickly grasp the concepts. 

Kids quickly apply the concepts too.  With our tool, People Plus, they can identify the needs of teachers and parents and themselves by the end of the day.    And it is so much fun to watch these kids walk into a room of a couple hundred soldiers and share what they have learned.  These monkeys are amazing.

My second thought today is about my Blue Star Mothers team.   I am a Blue Star Mom and we work to help our kids that are deployed, your kids that are deployed, Vets that have come back, families and right now we have a great project going to help Homeless Women Vets in MN.  At the same time we are making 150 +key chains to send out with our next care packages.    We have a lot going on - but to do that we fund raise.  So if you order on Amazon use our link to support our Blue Star Moms :) 

High Five !!!!

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