Monday, February 26, 2018

The Circus Is Hitting the Wheels

Today's the Day !!! 

We have talked about taking our business on the road for several years now.  We have talked to people, done the research, looked at Travel Trailers and contemplated this new adventure. 

About a month ago we said it's now or never.  So we did it - we gave notice on our townhouse, let our monkey's know, and started packing. 


We are being smart about this and are giving ourselves a 7 month trail period. Most everyone told us the hardest part is downsizing.  So we took cut number one and took bags of things we never wear or use to charity.   Then cut number two goes into storage just in case we don't like this new adventure.   And today the travel trailer comes home and cut number three gets put in its new home.

Hitting The Road

We won't actually hit the road for another week.  We are scheduled to do a resiliency training in Kansas and then next up for trainings is Texas.   Luckily we have our Beachbody On Demand now so our workouts will go with us so easily.    And in April we are getting certified as Core De Force instructors.   Workouts in campgrounds :)  Woohoo !!!

The start of a new Adventure !!!

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