Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Taming My Circus by Making Life Simpler

In the theme of changing habits - I have found that to tame my circus I just need to make life simpler. 

As a business owner, delivering Resiliency training for military families, and a network marketer, Beachbody Coach and online fitness coach, I need to find ways to create a schedule for myself that makes all that possible.  Plus I love nutritional tips that make it easy to prepare meals so that part of my life is simple.

Smoothies are my thing.   I love them - I could have one for every meal.  But I also like variety.  This great video gave me tips on how to prepare them ahead - use mason jars - and have mix them so simply.   http://bit.ly/createdrinks

I love the Mango-Pineapple-Orange one!!!  Want to add some protein to it - add Shakeology or Daily Sunshine.

Have a High Five Day !!!! 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Changing Habits

I broke down and started downloading books to the IPad.  I am of the analog generation and I just love the feel of a book in my hands.  I love reading - I love having a book mark - I love turning the pages and "feeling" how many pages I have left.   I just don't love the difference in prices.  So I downloaded a book :)     And the first book I am reading is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

I think its a great book.   I can see how you can implement what I am learning in both my business and my life.  And in my fitness and nutritional goals and coaching. 

Business - as many of you know, we deliver Resiliency training to military families.   If I want to manage my time I can change just one habit to begin.   And I am going to use this information about change to help others become more Resilient.

Coaching- Knowing how and why we have habits and how to change them - makes them changeable.   Tough things in fitness and nutrition are about changing habits. Instead of just telling clients to change - I am going to teach them the how and why.

2B Mindset -  I have recently started using this as a tool for myself and my clients.  It is amazing about the Why for food. Not just what to do - with the 2B Mindset https://bchbody.life/2m2bjsW knowledge that you learn from the nutritionist who created it - I can also change my eating Habits. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

High Five Zone

Create your High Five Zone to celebrate your successes - big or small.  

Once a upon a time, in a far away land where the summers are hot and the winters are freezing, in a small country side village, where the hearts are strong the skin is thick and frost is always on the windshield of your car.  You can always find people of Minnesota laughing, playing and have FUN in the winter wonderland.  Maybe that is what keeps us young.  

In our childhood play is the key ingredient for growing up, for a sense of humor, to understand others, to be able to stay at a task for hours on end.  Maybe that is the reason why the Midwest work ethic is worldwide known as the work ethic to emulate.  Play and being able to laugh at yourself or with others is the essence of being able to have a solid team.  Whether your team is your family team, your work team or your sports team.    

There are many components of teaming which have been researched to death.  Everyone seams to be the expert on teaming, with great theories and explanations on how, why, do this, do that, but when it comes right down to the nuts and bolts of teaming, teaming is trust, trust comes from honesty, honesty comes from your soul. Within your soul is the key element…Play! Play equals FUN.  With out fun you have boredom.  From boredom all kinds of negative behavior develop, which in turns destroys any resemblance of a team.    

The High Five Zone, idea which is the key element in our trainings, was inspired by the thousands of people that participated in one of our many Teaming, Esteem vs. Out of Esteem, Diversity, Leadership, and Interpersonal Relationship Trainings.   Play ….Have Fun…. Learn  as you embark on our High Five Blogging journey.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

People to People & SMILE

It is amazing to me the stories of the people we are meeting as we are on the road with our travel trailer.   Each and everyone has a story to tell.  Everybody has a circus - everybody has monkeys.

When you take the time to stop and listen they are heartfelt, humbling, funny, helpful, and sometimes inspire tears. 

Kansas was our last stop.  We gave a deployment training to kids there. Adventure based and always building self esteem - we listen to their stories and watch them learn the power of bonding with other military kids.   As we help them learn how they communicate and utilize those tools to understand their parents, teachers, coaches, pastors - they quickly grasp the concepts. 

Kids quickly apply the concepts too.  With our tool, People Plus, they can identify the needs of teachers and parents and themselves by the end of the day.    And it is so much fun to watch these kids walk into a room of a couple hundred soldiers and share what they have learned.  These monkeys are amazing.

My second thought today is about my Blue Star Mothers team.   I am a Blue Star Mom and we work to help our kids that are deployed, your kids that are deployed, Vets that have come back, families and right now we have a great project going to help Homeless Women Vets in MN.  At the same time we are making 150 +key chains to send out with our next care packages.    We have a lot going on - but to do that we fund raise.  So if you order on Amazon use our link to support our Blue Star Moms :) 


High Five !!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Things We Have Learned On The First Day On The Road

We are in Kansas to give a post deployment transition training to military kids here.    We go on the road all the time but have a home base in MN.  This time our home base is our travel trailer and I miss these little monkeys - even though I go a long time without seeing them when I am home.  I realized I can't just drive over to see them when we are working on the road. 

When we do a transition training it is all about how our personality and communication style affects how we view things.   My styles are all about connecting with people, family, hugs, and talking to everyone all the time.   I think I drive Bruce nuts with that sometimes - but he and I have decided to respect each others communication styles instead of fight against them.   The first thing I learned is how strong that is in me :)

Second thing I learned - plan your trip.   My last quadrant of my personality is the organizational quadrant.  So I am going to have to have a time management plan that sets up the next leg of the trip before we leave this leg.  Next stop for us is a training in Texas.

I am lucky that Bruce has created a Time Management system that I will follow.  It matches my personality spectrum to a T - so it works for me.    No stress being someone I am not yet getting organized to make our trip fun and easy.    And it makes us Resilient !!!!

If you want to know more about Resiliency click here http://bit.ly/resiliencybook and it will take you to our book - Kitchen Table Talks - Back Pocket Tips For Building Resiliency.

Experiencing the Adventure !!! 

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Circus Is Hitting the Wheels

Today's the Day !!! 

We have talked about taking our business on the road for several years now.  We have talked to people, done the research, looked at Travel Trailers and contemplated this new adventure. 

About a month ago we said it's now or never.  So we did it - we gave notice on our townhouse, let our monkey's know, and started packing. 


We are being smart about this and are giving ourselves a 7 month trail period. Most everyone told us the hardest part is downsizing.  So we took cut number one and took bags of things we never wear or use to charity.   Then cut number two goes into storage just in case we don't like this new adventure.   And today the travel trailer comes home and cut number three gets put in its new home.

Hitting The Road

We won't actually hit the road for another week.  We are scheduled to do a resiliency training in Kansas and then next up for trainings is Texas.   Luckily we have our Beachbody On Demand now so our workouts will go with us so easily.    And in April we are getting certified as Core De Force instructors.   Workouts in campgrounds :)  Woohoo !!!

The start of a new Adventure !!!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Communication Under A Lawnmower

It takes the whole circus some days :)  I love this picture - my husband, my son, and my grandson are
changing the blades on the lawn mower. 

This picture reminds me how important the whole family is.  I should be writing about how communication, good communication, runs the house, the business, the classroom.  

But today I am looking at this picture as my support system.  We are one of those 1% of families that are military families.   Today these three look like my home front heroes.  

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and in the most unexpected places.  Today I celebrate these three.  

Tomorrow is soon enough to talk about the importance of communication and how to build productivity and self esteem by the way you communicate.  Have a great day - hugs your monkeys.